Executioner’s Song



Violets are blue my dear, roses are red

Henry loved Anne but he chopped off her head.


They called her a witch and a sorceress too

Her web of six fingers as proof it was true.


She swore her own innocence till her last breath

Yet slice of the ax brought her to bloody death.


Some say she still haunts us, more angry than most

All guests at the Tower, beware of Anne’s ghost!







22 comments on “Executioner’s Song

  1. A worthy song to celebrate
    a royal wedding!
    Well done Christine.

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  2. Wicked Christine!

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  3. … but I like it !

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  4. Very very very beautiful poem, Christine.

    I like it very much.

    Hopefully, God willing, Prince Harry won’t turn out to be another Henry VIII.

    I hope he and Meghan will be very happy.

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  5. Vicky V says:

    I love that poem!

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  6. Mother if Elizabeth First, I believe, must have come from good stock because Elizabeth was no pushover!

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  7. Lavanya says:

    *in a breathy scream* WOW CHRISTINE, THIS IS PURE GOLD!!!

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  8. Feminism Through Cinema and Literature says:

    Great post, I just live Anne Boleyn. She is definitely my favourite wife of Henry VIII- probably because her end is so harrowing.

    Love the blog too!

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