I would like to thank Laughter Brothers  for giving me this award.  ** curtsy **  Please check out their blog for some fantastic and really cool posts!  My favorite to date: Follow Your Heart

Why I Blog:  I started my blog on Halloween night, 2015. I blog because I love to write and want to share all my weird ideas with the world.    Many thanks to everyone who reads me, comments, likes and connects.  You are awesome!!! 🙂

Some of my favorite bloggers are:

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Cake or Death



Granny Moon’s Morning Feast 

Verdant Faerie

Whiskers in the Kitchen

Travel Much?

The Tony Burgess Blog

Barefoot in Florida

Jasper likes ’em too!

Black Cats need love

Thanks again to Laughter Brothers and all who have read this!! You rock 🙂


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