I would like to thank Laughter Brothers  for giving me this award.  ** curtsy **  Please check out their blog for some fantastic and really cool posts!  My favorite to date: Follow Your Heart

Why I Blog:  I started my blog on Halloween night, 2015. I blog because I love to write and want to share all my weird ideas with the world.  I noticed that our world has, ironically, gotten a lot smaller and cozier as we have expanded into the wave of the digital revolution. Stuff is possible now that never used to be possible. So I want to create a unique online community, connect with others, inspire and be inspired!  Many thanks to everyone who reads me, comments, likes and connects.  You are awesome!!! 🙂

Some of my favorite bloggers are: 



Granny Moon’s Morning Feast

Verdant Faerie

Whiskers in the Kitchen

Travel Much?

The Tony Burgess Blog

Barefoot in Florida

And of course, I get most of my inspiration from my cat Jasper, who usually sits by my side as I type all this, transmuting ideas through the many mysterious senses of cats 🙂


Black Cats need love

Thanks again to Laughter Brothers and all who have read this!! You rock 🙂


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♥ Happy Blogging!!