Jesus Christ Superstar, Female Apostles and the 1%


Jesus Netherlands

In honor of Good Friday, I am paying tribute to my favorite rock opera, Jesus Christ Superstar!  Fresh out of The Netherlands comes this timely and creative interpretation, featuring female Disciples, a very young Jesus and a Roman government which is akin to Wall Street elites.  A lot of effort went into it — careful casting and two years rehearsal.  The play was first performed in 2016 at Candea College in Duiven.  The cast includes Tijmen Steg as Jesus, Don Voogt as Judas and Anne Baars as Mary Magdalene.

In the house of Lazarus, Mary  tries to anoint Jesus with precious oil, only to be reprimanded by Judas Iscariot.  “Woman, your fine ointment, brand new and expensive, could have been saved for the poor. Why has it been wasted? We could have raised maybe, three hundred silver pieces or more.”

Jesus, looking at the big picture and knowing he is not long for this world, answers: “Surely you’re not saying we have the resources to save the poor from their lot? There will be poor always, pathetically struggling; look at the good things you’ve got.”

(For more on Jesus’ anointing see my previous post Lazarus and the Pink Moon)

These very talented performers may come as a bit of a juxtapose and surprise.  I think they are fantastic!  Hope you enjoy it and have a happy Good Friday 🙂

Here, Anne Baars as Magdalene performs the ballad “I Don’t Know How to Love Him”.

Intrigued? Watch the whole opera here: (Running time about 1 hour 30 minutes.)



13 comments on “Jesus Christ Superstar, Female Apostles and the 1%

  1. Thanks for posting these clips. Loved it, Christine.

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  2. Paul Cunniff says:

    Great version it is nice seeing it “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” is my favorite song from the Rock Opera. Thanks for posting Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter.

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  3. revgeary says:

    I’m mesmerized by the performances, and found the whole show online. Thanks.

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  5. My Mum loved the original, though she was even fonder of ‘Godspell’ … mind you, she also liked ‘Hair’! Thanks for posting, will watch when I’ve time!


  6. Vicky V says:

    You always post such interesting stuff! Loved this. Hope you had a great Easter 🙂

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