Anne Rice, Mother of Vampires

Anne Rice, the Mother of Vampires, Dark Queen of modern Gothic literature, has left this earthly realm. My favorite living author is no longer living. Here is a piece I wrote a few years ago, thought I’d reblog it in honor of her.

RIP (wRite In Peace) Sweet Queen.


She is the mistress of the macabre, the weaver of witch tales, a native New Orleanian who may never have made her mark in the world if it weren’t for her near blood thirsty curiosity about what it would be like to interview a vampire.

We are only twenty seven days away from Halloween, and no countdown would be complete without a tribute to Anne Rice, my all-time favorite living author!

Luckily, today happens to be her birthday.  (I’m sure it is no coincidence that this woman came into the world so near to Halloween.)

Anne Rice was born on October 4, 1941 in New Orleans, Louisiana. She was the second of four daughters. Her parents, Howard and Katherine O’Brien, were of Irish Catholic descent. The family lived in the hard-scrabble, impoverished section of town known as the Irish Channel, where they rented a 3-room shotgun house. Most of Anne’s…

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11 comments on “Anne Rice, Mother of Vampires

  1. Vicky V says:

    I’m devastated. “Interview with the Vampire” changed my life. Such a great loss for so many.

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  2. Had not heard about this – thanks for posting

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  3. pdlyons says:

    wonderful writer. i remember reading interview when it came out. i was living in Manhattan down by the Battery Park. worked in Queens. took the e train anyway worked 2nd shift so i’d be reading that book on empty subway car heading home… more than once found my self unnerved by the shadows. she made a world of vampires so complete i remember seriously considering just what would i do if offered immortality. she also wrote a book about the Mummy which i thought was particularly fascinating again taking an old cliché story and breathing new life into it , thanks for helping me to remember her.

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    • She really was an awesome writer, one of a kind. Sounds like she made your subway ride a bit more fun, and spooky! I too have thought about what I would do if offered immortality. Glad you enjoyed the article! Luckily, we will always have Anne Rice’s books! 🙂

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  4. Chado says:

    Anne wrote the foreword of ‘My Descent Into Death’ by Howard Storm. She helped get his story out there and it is a compelling one. Highly recommended:

    Strange to think she is now there.

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  5. will ö 💫 says:

    I remember she was excited to let the net know that her vampire chronicles were getting adapted to TV, I sort of think it’s a shame nothing took off yet at the same time, she was very interactive with her audience, the audience liked her work her way, which is what I’m sure all authors want.

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    • Yes, she was very excited about the vampire chronicles project. I read AMC picked it up. I hope it eventually gets made. She was the most interactive author I’ve even seen! She wanted her audience involved in all the decisions. I miss her.

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