Cherry Moon, Purple Rain


This guy.  I mean, seriously? Are you kidding me?

When I first saw Prince on MTV, I was so blown away I could not look away.  Never had we seen such a thing.  Somewhere between pop-rock, symphony and soul, somewhere between Hendrix, James Brown and the Beatles, blurring lines of race and gender, he was an innovator, an illusionist, an enigma. Not to mention a walking fashion statement. Glittering paisley,  eyeliner, lace and mesh — and yet there was never a doubt about this man’s masculinity.  Small in stature but towering in soul as well as platform soles, he’d come to town decked out in leg warmers, no shirt and a lone bandana around his neck.

And then he’d sing.

His concerts were a spiritual experience.  He literally brought races and populations together to dance to his revolution.  I saw it happen. Even the whitest of the white could have soul and rhythm with Prince. He  made you feel cool and hip and a part of things. He brought out the Nikki in all of us and I suspect it did not matter who or what you were.  You were for Prince and Prince was for you. That’s all you need know, Dearly Beloved.

He was a spokesman for justice, taking on the record industry, even forsaking his own name in order to stay true to his art.  He was a poet, a genius, and a force of nature.Truly, a force of nature. As a matter of fact,  I am told  that yesterday, in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday, Niagra Falls was actually turned purple!

Not kidding, check it out.


Coincidence/ no coincidence.  Theoretically and symbolically this was in honor of the Queen, purple being the color of royalty. But we really know who it was for, don’t we?    Ah, but Life is just a party and parties aren’t meant to last…

So long Purple Reign.  U will never b4gotten.