Superstition and Mary Worth


This blog is in response to the daily post  prompt on Superstition, one I could not resist!

I haven’t thought about Mary in years.  She lie dormant in my childhood memories of ouija boards and seances and other such stuff.  But tonight I found the Superstition prompt which suddenly brought her to mind.

When I was a little girl we had a game called ‘Mary Worth’.  From what I remember it went like this:  Look in a mirror in a dark room at night and say the words ‘I believe in Mary Worth’ three times.  If you do, Mary Worth herself will come to you and scratch your eyes out!

This game was all the rage at pajama parties.  We made ourselves giddy with the idea of it. We never actually DID it, of course.  The premise scared the bejeebies  out of me, and I was not an easily scared child.

I never knew its origin.  Mary Worth was, to the best of my knowledge, a comic strip character.  She was an elderly, advice giving lady – kind of like your spinster aunt or a librarian.


I do not think she was supposed to be scary at all.  In reading other people’s superstitious tales, I did not come across Mary Worth, so I did some research.

It seems Mary Worth is a variation on ‘Bloody Mary’ a.k.a. Mary Tudor, Queen of England 1552-1558.  During her reign as a Catholic monarch, Bloody Mary Tudor reportedly put so many Protestants to death that she actually earned the name.

mary tudor

There also is an idea that Mary Worth/ Bloody Mary was an evil witch  (Of course.) who lived 100 years ago and did all kinds of diabolical things.  Involving blood obviously.   I found a great website about it:

The full game seems to be that you must use the bathroom mirror, light a candle, say “I believe in Mary Worth” three times, spin yourself around three times,  and then – well, maybe she will scratch your eyes out or maybe she will  just come to haunt you or do some other nasty stuff.

I became more curious about this and decided to do a break down of the various objects used in the Mary Worth game.


There is weirdness, magick and mystery to a mirror.   Breaking a mirror will cause seven years of back luck.   Jews cover all the mirrors in the house when they sit Shiva for their dead. Vampires cannot see their own reflections in the mirror.

But a mirror is also a sacred object.  Every mermaid had a mirror. Snow White’s evil stepmother got her most reliable information from the mirror.  Alice went though the magic looking glass and look what happened!  She discovered a  wonderful world of talking flowers and human chess boards.

alice mirror


Candles bring light and warmth. No household should be without them. They come in pretty handy in a power outage. Almost all spell work requires candles.  Many churches even have a special section to light candles for the dead.  Besides that, they smell nice  🙂

The Bathroom:

The place of bubble baths, showers, water, and purification.

Spinning around three times:

A way to alter your own consciousness without drugs?

And of course, the number 3:

Three is the number of power. Three moves us from duality to unification.  Three is the first number of majority rule. Three changes us from a couple to a family.  We make three wishes and complete three tasks.  Three is the first patterned number of the Fibonacci sequence. There is always magick and transformation in the number three.

This research has taught me a lot!   The Mary Worth game is not sounding so bad now.  Maybe I am ready to try it, alone in my dark  bathroom…


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