Time Traveler’s Day!

The lure and lore of time travel has long fascinated many people. From Marty McFly’s Back to the Future escapades, to Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, to Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander, the idea never ceases to intrigue. Who wouldn’t want the chance to fix our mistakes, change history, see the future or just explore some period we find interesting? On this day, December 8, we celebrate all that and more!

This holiday, invented in 2007 by an online group known as Koala Wallop, is technically called ‘Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day’.  Because it is all pretend and make-believe, right?

Is time travel really possible? If so, how would it happen? Would we need a machine, as suggested by H.G. Wells? Could we travel through rock formations like Claire Frazier? Jump across the Brooklyn Bridge like Kate and Leopold?  Or would hypnosis work, like Christopher Reeve in Somewhere in Time? 

According to Wiki: “Time travel to the past is theoretically possible in certain general relativity spacetime geometries that permit traveling faster than the speed of light, such as cosmic strings, transversable wormholes, and Alcubierre drive. The theory of general relativity does suggest a scientific basis for the possibility of backward time travel in certain unusual scenarios.”

Quantum physicists are making new discoveries every day. They have mathematically calculated the existence of eleven different dimensions, all of them involving the placement, misplacement, and elasticity of time.

There have been several weird incidents that suggest time travel has occurred. Fasten your seat belt and keep an open mind! Then decide for yourself what’s fact and what’s fiction…

1. The Time Traveling Hipster

This photo, taken in the 1941, seems normal enough upon first glance. But look closer. The young man in the center is dressed in modern clothes and definitely looks out of place.  Did he pop in from another era?

To be fair, some historians have debunked this, claiming that the sunglasses were indeed in style in the 1940’s, as was the single letter sweater. The camera he is holding would have been available also. But I still say the guy looks too hip for the scene he is in!

2. Mike Tyson’s Boxing Match

The year was 1995. The smart phone obviously had not yet been invented And yet! Caught on tape, there is a man recording the match, seemingly on a smart phone.  Take a look at this video. The device does look like a smart phone. A comparison is shown to other recording devices available at the time, and none of them match what is being used.  What do you think?

3. The Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler

In 1928, Charlie Chaplin made a silent film called The Circus. He used several extras/ unknowns as pedestrians. Watch closely in this one scene, where a woman appears to be talking on a cell phone! The video repeats and zooms in so you’ll get a closer look. You’ll see that she even pauses and hesitates, clearly talking into the device.  If this woman is a time traveler, she was smart to get herself in a Chaplin film. Maybe she knew he would become an acclaimed star and millions would see this footage.

4. The Massena Company Woman

Speaking of cell phones, this footage was taken in 1938, at the Massena Aluminum Company in New York. A woman appears to be chatting on — yes, a cell phone! Her companions take it in stride. Could the whole group be time travelers? (Imagine how strange a cell phone would have looked in 1938. Remember the old days when if you heard someone walking down the street chattering you thought they were mentally ill?)

** I should note that hand-held walkie-talkies were being developed in around 1937, but they did not look like this. They were far clumsier! Plus, civilians did not have access to them, as they were used mainly for the military.  (And you thought cell phones of the 1990s were cumbersome? 🙂 )

5. The Teleportation Angel

This is perhaps the strangest one of all. Could a time traveler come in as an angel and perform a heroic act?  The following footage was caught on a surveillance camera in China. Watch closely, about 15 seconds into the film. The biker nearly gets hit by the truck, but a mysterious hooded figure saves him. The frantic driver gets out of the truck to investigate, and they are both gone! (Yes, it could be fake, but this looks very realistic.) Decide for yourself 🙂

5. Andrew Basiago and the Gettysburg Address

Andrew Basiago is an American lawyer.  From his videos he appears to be a normal guy, reasonably intelligent, and not a complete crackpot.

Basiago claims that between 1962 and 1972, the U.S. government (specifically the CIA and DARPA) ran a top secret operation called ‘Project Pegasus’. This program led to the  development of many highly advanced technologies — stuff like teleportation, contact with extra-terrestrials, and yes — time travel.

According to Basiago, when he was a child, he was selected from a “psychically gifted group”  to become a time traveling liaison. He was sent to meet historical and future dignitaries, as well as various extra-terrestrial entities. He says he was sent to meet Abraham Lincoln at the Gettysburg Address. There is a picture to prove it.

This photo is from The Library of Congress, taken at the Gettysburg Address, 1863.  Basiago says he is the child in the picture.  He also says he had stepped into a “plasma confinement chamber in 1972 New Jersey, and hopped back to 1863 Gettysburg.” Somewhere along the way, he lost his shoes. He was given a new pair, obviously too big.

Far fetched? Maybe so. But keep in mind this operation is allegedly created by the CIA — they are known for their astoundingly unethical and secretive operations.

In this video, Basiago explains more. (Running time is about 1 hour 30 minutes.) Could he be telling the truth?

Whether you are a believer or not, have a fantastic Time Traveler’s Day! Just remember, Kate met Leopold through time travel. And all she had to do was challenge her own cynicism, accept his strange mannerisms, be open to possibilities, then leap over the Brooklyn Bridge — according to mathematical calculations that designated a break in the fabric of the time-space continuum…

May all your other-worldly dreams come true 🙂

20 comments on “Time Traveler’s Day!

  1. The question I’ve always had about the ones with cell phones… how do they recharge, and where does their signals or data package come from?

    Liked by 3 people

    • Yes — that problem has been brought up before. At the time there were no cell phone towers. How were the travelers even communicating?

      It has been suggested that these travelers might be from an even farther future where the cell phone, (or whatever device it is) has been perfected somehow and there is no need to charge them. Also, we can speculate about the mysteries of the time-space continuum… It has been suggested that there is not just one — but several (perhaps an infinite number) of time lines. Perhaps along some “alternative” time line they are somehow able to maintain the electricity and contact, traveling along one where the technology is far more advanced than we can comprehend.

      Just food for thought! Like I said, for this post we will suspend all disbelief… Excellent question, Emily! Thanks for reading 🙂

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  2. Good question Lady Emily Rose. Do they travel to their own time to recharge their phone?

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I love the idea of time travel! 🙂

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  4. Vicky V says:

    I love the two mobile phone Time Travellers! It really does look like they are chatting on mobile phones. I’m surprised the hipster dude doesn’t have a single origin coffee in his hand – he looks way too cool for the 1940s 🙂
    I love the concept of time travelling. I’ve just watched a series called The Crossing which was about time travel.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It DOES look like they are chatting on cell phones, and like I said, with us being so used to it now, we forget how strange it would have been back then!

      Even though they claim that there were similar styles of sunglasses in the 1940’s I still think that hipster guy looks way out of place! Plus he is the only young person in that crowd — it is like all the others came in pairs or groups of older people. Definitely suspicious!

      I love all time travel shows! I will have to check out The Crossing!

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  5. Lander7 says:

    There is a second option that is not being floated here. It is also possible that we are seeing a subset of a far more advanced civilization that is spying on the rest of the world.

    This is to say that they are in their correct time but have technology years ahead of everyone around them.

    I think people are assuming that since they see familiar technology that they must have traveled through time but in fact, we may simply be catching a more advanced subset in the act of using the technology they developed in their own time.

    Like tourist from new york visiting a tribe in huts, all in the same period of time but not at the same level of technological development.

    The tech may not even work the same. Take the cell phone for instance, people are saying in the post that there are no cell phone towers but what if it’s based on a CB radio design. They wouldn’t need towers for that.

    If you see technology that looks familiar it doesn’t mean it’s the same technology only that it provides the same results.

    Just a thought

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    • Yes, that is an interesting possibility. Some folks say this in regard to structures such as the great pyramids. That society, although presumably before our time, was more technologically advanced than we are today. Or — on the other hand — perhaps the pyramids themselves were actually built by a future society of time travelers!

      It is very mind boggling when you think about it.

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