A Halloween Treat: Witchcraft Through the Ages


Happy Halloween to all you beautiful ghouls, goblins, horror fans, heretics and lovers of the macabre! Today for your viewing entertainment I have a special surprise!

Long before ‘The Witch’ andย  ‘The Blair Witch Project’ terrified movie goers, there was this 1922 silent movie gem, called Haxan ( German for ‘The Witch’.)

IMDb describes it as : “Part history lesson followed by re-enactments with actors, this film takes depicts the history of witchcraft from its earliest days through to the present day (in this case,1922 or thereabouts). The result is a documentary-like film that must be among the first to use re-enactments as a visual and narrative tool. From pagan worship to satanic rites to hysteria, the film takes you on a journey through the ages with highly effective visual sequences.”

It is a thoroughly entertaining and interesting film. Luckily I found a beautifully restored version on youtube. Hope you enjoy it!ย  Running time is approximately 1 hour, 45 minutes. Have a delightful Halloween!








17 comments on “A Halloween Treat: Witchcraft Through the Ages

  1. I love that silent films are making the rounds as art worthy of rediscovery. I enjoyed Haxan when I first discovered it.

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  2. I will be watching this later! Happy Halloween! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Tarotmum13 says:

    Thanks for this! They donโ€™t make them like they used to haha sounding old and wrinkled here! (I am only half-old and ever so slightly wrinkled! ๐Ÿ˜)

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  4. Vicky V says:

    One of my favourite films! We watched it as a coven many moons ago. We also studied it in horror film theory at uni. Iโ€™m really looking forward to watching this restored version. Thanks for posting it.

    Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

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  5. Thanks for posting this, Christine, will be watching it later with a whisky and the curtains closed!

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