The Roswell Incident and UFO Day


“There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” — William Shakespeare

Do you believe in life on other planets?  Have you ever seen a UFO, been abducted, had a close encounter of the 3rd kind, or maybe just wish you had?  If so, today, World UFO Day, is a great time to tell your story! This little holiday is in commemoration of the Roswell Incident, which occurred on July 2, 1947.  It is also a time to challenge ‘accepted theories’ keep an open mind and let your imagination soar!

What happened at Roswell? A brief history:

On the morning of July 2, 1947, a New Mexico rancher named William Brazel found  something peculiar in his sheep pasture. It appeared to be some kind of crashed vehicle, consisting large metallic hunks, streams of plastic, foil reflectors, and scraps of glossy, paper-like material. The ranch was located in a desert area, some 30 miles outside of Roswell.

Brazel was confused. The events of the next few days get a bit fuzzy. Some accounts have Brazel collecting part of the wreckage and storing it for future reference. He eventually called the local newspaper and the sheriff, who contacted the nearby Roswell Army and Air Force Base. Soldiers came to retrieve the debris. It was taken away in armored trucks never to be seen again, but luckily the newspaper had gotten some pictures.

On July 8, the Roswell Daily Record ran a story about the “flying saucer” that was found on the ranch.


The government immediately went into cover up mode.  President Harry Truman declared the news must be kept a secret.  On July 9, an Air Force official stated that the so-called flying saucer was really a crashed weather balloon.

A weather balloon is a huge high altitude balloon sent out to test temperatures, atmospheric pressure and the like.  It is made of  latex, filled with hydrogen and helium, and has measuring devices at the end of a long string. (But there is nothing metallic about it!)

So the question is, if this crashed vehicle was really a balloon, why did the debris consist of metallic material, plastic foil and reflectors? Anyone who had seen the crash or the pictures of it, agreed it had to be something different.  Imaginations raced. Folk were more naive back then.  (In 1938 Orson Welles performed a prank radio drama of War of the Worlds. People believed every word and ran to the streets in a panic.)  At any rate, the citizens of Roswell thought the object did not come from Earth.

The Roswell Incident was hushed up and left for speculation for several years. Then, in 1994, the Pentagon finally declassified its files. The Federal Accounting Office produced a report  called “Report of Air Force Research Regarding the Roswell Incident” which was designed to debunk the ET rumors.

It turns out the Army had a reasonable explanation  — espionage and Russians!  Apparently, a group of government geophysicists and oceanographers had been working on a top-secret atomic project called “Project Mogul”.  The project, they claimed, used weather balloons launched from New Mexico’s Alamogordo Air Field. The balloons carried sound sensors into remote parts of the Earth’s atmosphere. The theory was the US Government could use these high tech microphones to spy on the Soviet Union. Officially, they were trying to gain information about nuclear arms.  This was the beginning of the Cold War and all mistrusting eyes were on the Kremlin.

But people did not believe this story.  Was the government lying? To this day, many people think the government, the military and NASA are covering up the truth about alien landings. Each year, hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the Roswell site, hoping to find out the truth for themselves.

If Brazel’s ranch crash had been an isolated incident, we could perhaps accept the government story.  But it was not. Not by a long shot.  Many other sighting occurred around this time. (And continue to occur to this day!)

For example, on June 24, 1947, eight days before the the Roswell crash, Kenneth Arnold, a private pilot of Search and Rescue Mercy Flyer claimed to have seen something very strange —  “nine unusual flying objects.”  Arnold spotted them near Mount Rainier while on a reconnaissance flight in search of a missing military aircraft.  He described the objects as “brilliant” and their flight as “irregular” with “extraordinary speed”.  He told his story to the Associated Press but they dismissed it. (Or were they paid to dismiss it?)  Why would a pilot, on a government reconnaissance mission, make up such a story, risking his own reputation?

Three months later, on September 23, 1947,  in a report of Air Material Command, Air Force General Nathan Twining acknowledged the existence “flying disks”. In an official in depth government study, he reportedly described their performances and other information.

On February 12, 1948, Brigadier-General C.P. Cabell sent a memorandum to US Air Force Headquarters requesting that aircraft be placed on permanent alert in the United States and the territory of Alaska (not yet a state)  to: “collect and develop information and actionable data about flying disks.”

Notice they are repeatedly using the name “flying discs”.  This was not some sci fi, Twilight Zone creation, but terminology of the US government.

On March 25th, 1948, there was another “crash” of a ship of unknown origin near Aztec, New Mexico. The details and proof of this were not well established. Testimonies were few, and it seems much was done to stifle journalists who tried to report it.

The cover-ups got even more interesting as the year went on!

On July 25, 1948, the flight crew of Eastern Airlines indicated a “risk of collision with a flying object resembling a wingless fuselage.”  This object was approximately 100 feet  long and “twice the diameter of a B-29 Super-Fortress” — which meant around 300 feet wide!  Captain Clarence Chiles and second pilot John Whitted described a “deep dark blue glow around the craft, with orange-red flames on the back.”

The drafting of  the pilots’ report led to an investigation by air traffic services. As a result, the ATIC (Air Technical Intelligence Center) wrote a summary document on “flying disks”  concluding they were of an “extraterrestrial origin.”  This conclusion, however, was  rejected without explanation by the commander-in-chief of the US Air Force, General H. Vandenberg.  (Why? Again, there were professional pilots. Why would they risk their reputations and their livelihoods, just to report a crazy story?)  Vandenberg then ordered that all copies of the document be destroyed!

Then… the FBI got involved!

On January 31, 1949, a memorandum was sent to J. Edgar Hoover, director of the FBI, by one of his agents. The memo read: “During a recent weekly counterintelligence conference of the Office of Naval Intelligence, G-2, Office of Scientific Intelligence and the CIA, the subject of “unidentified aircraft”, also known as “flying disks”, was discussed and is considered TOP-SECRET by Army Intelligence Officers and the Air Force. ”

What Hoover did with this material is anyone’s guess.  Hoover was a notorious FBI bulldog. He later became Richard Nixon’s right hand man, an expert in wiretaps,  break-ins, and general cloak and dagger spy vs. spy stuff.

In the meantime, the astronomy world was not far behind.

On August 20, the famous astronomer Clyde Tombaugh (1906-1997) told a Time reporter how he observed a “strange flight of 6 to 8 rectangular lights flying over Las Cruces, New Mexico.”  Tombaugh later stated in a letter to scientist Richard Hall (dated 10 September 1957): “I was not prepared for such an observation and was petrified and astonished”.

Since then, and up to the present date, there have been many recordings of strange incidents all over the world. However, the events occurring in New Mexico in 1947-49 indicate the US government took an active role in the investigation of UFOs and had a vested interest in keeping the public uninformed.

The universe is a big place.  To my thinking, it would be extremely arrogant of humankind to assume that in this enormous cosmos, where our little planet is akin to a grain of sand on a beach, we are the ONLY intelligent life form. That seems impossible.

What do you think? Have you ever had experiences with UFOs or Extra-Terrestrials? Do you believe in the possibility? Let me know in the comments!

Have a Happy UFO Day, and don’t forget to watch the night sky!  The Pleiadians just might give us a greeting.







 a memorandum to US Air Force Headquarters requesting that aircraft be placed on permanent alert in the United States and Alaska to: “… collect and develop information and actionable data about flying disks “

30 comments on “The Roswell Incident and UFO Day

  1. This has pretty much been solved in the past year thanks to declassification. It was a top secret spy balloon the government was testing to keep an eye on Soviet nuclear operations. Still, I never discount the words of the Bard.

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  2. Really interesting. Thank you for sharing

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  3. True George says:

    Reblogged this on Success Inspirers' World and commented:
    Did anyone know that July 2nd is UFO day. If you didn’t know it was all because ot the famous Roswell incident….

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  4. Of course if they’re still trying to reverse engineer the technology (was it of extraterrestrial 👽 origin?), like some UFO enthusiasts claim, then the U. S. government would have to release a more convincing cover story about what crashed at Roswell such as a high tech weather balloon designed to spy on the USSR.

    Disinformation so that the Russians don’t know they’re still trying to reverse engineer the technology.

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  5. I think it’s simply impossible that life on earth is the only form of life in the universe. The odds are totally against that.

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  6. Vicky V says:

    I really enjoyed reading this. When I was young I was fascinated with ufos and space. Chariots of the Gods was all the talk back then and I loved Carl Sagan’s work. I’m a bit of a Fox Mulder – I Want To Believe – but I’m not sure what I believe! But I do agree with the Bard so I keep an open mind to everything. Rather than ask “is there life on other planets?” I like to reframe the question to “is it possible we are the only form of life in the universe?” Cue X-Files music 🙂

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    • Haha, well it is definitely true, it is crazy to think we are the only ones! Some folks think Carl Sagan may have known more than he let on — perhaps being stifled or oppressed by the US government.

      Increasingly, there is more and more scientific evidence for ET life. A while back NASA made some interesting discoveries — nine planets in another Solar System that are able to host water (and water being a major life sustaining element.) Not much was reported about it. But I reported it!

      It makes me mad that so much scientific news is repressed. I say keep believing!

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  7. toutparmoi says:

    This reminded me of the exciting Kaikoura UFOs which dominated the news here in 1978. The fact that they were seen by experienced pilots and picked up on radar had everyone guessing. This 40th anniversary TV item sums it up well:

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    • Wow! I had not heard the Kaikōura story before! I am with John Cordy in his belief that we cannot be the only intelligent life. Thanks for sharing that 🙂 It is weird, too, how more than one story seems to surface regarding many of the sightings. unbeknownst of each other.

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  8. truthspew says:

    For some reason the dense northeast doesn’t see many ufo’s. Let me just explain – the distances between stars especially with cosmic inflation are vast, I mean really really mind boggling vast. Aliens would need some exotic technology to counter the distances. Mankind itself is just on the cusp of exotic propulsion technology – lookup Dr. Miguel Alcubierre. His theoretical warp equations means we could do jumps of 12 light years at a shot. And for reference light travels at 3E-08 meters per second. That’s 300,000,000 meters every second – times 60 in minutes, times 60 in hours and then times 24 in days and times 365 in a year. It’s a huge number.

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    • It is indeed a mind boggling number! In reference I always think of my grain of sand analogy, so yes the distances would be super far!! Still, we do not know that we would be the most advanced… we may be way behind them.

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  9. […] If NASA had made contact, the government, of course, would not want us to know. (Kind of like Roswell.)  Some folks even believe that NASA has established secret space stations for further alien […]

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  10. Dave says:

    I think your final summation in the blog was spot on – it’s incredible to believe that, with all the stars we can see in the night sky, and the millions more we can’t, and the number of them which have planets around them, that this would be the only one with any form of advanced life, or even the MOST advanced. I’m sure the government(S – likely the UK, Canadian, Russian and perhaps others as well) knows far more about life beyond our planet than they are sharing

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    • Yes, I totally agree! It is quite mind bogging when you think about it — almost as though human civilization has been in a tiny vacuum with regard to our indoctrination and education. I think it is due to change soon…


  11. The Hinoeuma says:

    Heh. I did my own post on Roswell. I maintain a page on Chris Thomas, a psychic, healer, Akashic reader & author. He has a different take on the incident. All is not what it seems…

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