We Beat Stephen King?



It looks like Friday the 13th brought us luck after all!

Hard to believe, I know — but I am proud to say that our horror anthology The Box Under The Bed  outranked Stephen King on the Amazon bestsellers list!  Who’d have expected it?

box beat King


I thought I heard someone applaud,

but alas!

In my distracted state of mind I could not be quite sure…

horror gif 3


If you are seeking supernatural thrills, bloodthirsty revenge, mystical ghosts and a plethora of eerie events, please take a look. CLICK HERE to get a copy.   (And if you are so inclined, please write a short review! )

scary ty





7 comments on “We Beat Stephen King?

  1. poeturja says:

    Bought the Kindle edition because I see that you have a story included, Christine, as well as some of the other writers I follow. Looking forward to reading it as soon as I finish reading a very (surprisingly) addictive novel. So glad you guys beat King! 😀

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    • Thanks so much Clarissa. I hope you enjoy it! King is the King, but new blood should be welcome too 🙂 What addictive novel are you reading? I am always searching for great new stuff …

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      • poeturja says:

        I resisted reading “Gone Girl” and finally found it for free on the ebook library consortium and was instantly drawn in. Finished it last night and I think it slightly deteriorated toward the end, too seemingly impossible yet maybe not. The author, at least in the beginning, had that wonderfully sarcastic tone with an amazing choice of vocabulary words that had me laughing out loud. Looking forward to reading “The Box Under the Bed”!

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      • I have not yet read Gone Girl, but saw the creepy movie! ( I too avoid reading too many mega-hits.) Glad it was good!

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  2. poeturja says:

    Christine, just finished the anthology and left a very short but 5-star review on Amazon and Goodreads. Wonderful writing! Impressively scary!

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