Calling All Fans of the Macabre and Supernatural…


goth pd

Are you tempted by terror, hungry for hauntings and scintillated by the supernatural? Are you a surveyor of cemeteries, giddy for ghosts, enticed by the eerie?

If you are a regular reader of this blog, I suspect you have a penchant for the Dark Side.  As such, I have an offer for you! (Okay, a shameless plug. But you will like it, I promise!)

A while back, bestselling author and WordPress blogger Dan Alatorre  requested submissions for an anthology of scary stories he was putting together, to be available around Halloween.  Naturally, the minute I heard ‘scary’ and ‘Halloween’, I was IN!!

I submitted a story about Jack the Ripper.  (Teaser HERE)  To my delight, Dan accepted it!

Our anthology, called The Box Under The Bed contains a collection of twenty spine tingling stories. Expect psychotic killers, psychological horror and recreations  of Yesteryear, as well as friendly ghosts and a plethora of  all things weird, wild and wonderful.   Contributors include bestselling authors Allison Maruska  and Jenifer Ruff.    The anthology is due for release on October 1.


Now here’s the best part! You can pre-order a Kindle download for only 99 cents!  Pre-orders will also include a bonus story written by Dan Alatorre which will not be included after the release date.  Paperbacks will be available later.

If interested please click HERE.  Hours of thrilling enchantment await, as we prepare for Halloween…

scary ty




18 comments on “Calling All Fans of the Macabre and Supernatural…

  1. johncoyote says:

    I would read this. I love myth, tale and darkness. The book sound amazing.

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  2. Vicky V says:

    Congratulations Christine! How exciting!! The anthology sounds scarily good. Perfect for Halloween 🙂

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  3. sailajaP14 says:

    Congratulations, Christine!

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  4. GrannyMoon says:

    Thanks and congratulations Christine! I just pre-ordered mine!

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  5. Ooooh this sounds really intriguing! I definitely want to read this.

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  6. That looks like an interesting anthology. 🙂

    Of course next month is the perfect month for all fans of the macabre and supernatural.

    In addition to Halloween, there will also be a Friday the 13th next month.

    And that Friday the 13th will be the 710th anniversary of French King Philip the Fair’s raid on the Knights-Templar lodges and temples in France- also a Friday the 13th in October.

    King Philip IV raided them because he claimed they worshiped the demon Baphomet (although many historians suspect that the real reason was because Philip owed the Templars a vast amount of money and what better way to get rid of your debt than to imprison, torture and put to death your creditors).

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