18 comments on “Six Word Story (rainbow)

  1. Vicky V says:

    This made me laugh and think! Great stuff 🙂

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  2. crow says:

    You know what he’s saying? “You’re after me lucky charms!”

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  3. This one is wonderful. Thanks for the smile.


  4. poeturja says:

    😀 (and perfect images, too)!

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  5. Love that line “Bridging gaps between science and leprechauns.” 😂

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  6. I love this so much! I love all your posts I’ve seen so far. I’m really new to WordPress so if you have suggestions of people to follow I would love to hear

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    • Thanks! I am so glad you like my posts 🙂 I follow very diverse blogs — but as a newcomer I would suggest just browse around, use keywords that interest you, and you are sure to find something great!


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