mirror 3

They fuse our vanity with imperfection, reflecting bone hair skin

undeciphered as we preen

fuss, adjust every eyelash every detail

and yet

fall prey to an astounding



Caught perpendicular, a grim imitation, false


passed like alchemy though glass, copper, halide

and silver, a vast shattering

We are not

what we Are.

mirror 4



18 comments on “Mirrors

  1. cindy knoke says:

    It is so true, we are both better and worse, but our reflections can’t capture us. Reflections fascinate me in photography for this reason. They reflect a version of the image.

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  2. The bloke in my mirror always seems to be auditioning for a stage or movie part … well-observed poem, too!

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  3. Vicky V says:

    Mirrors are fascinating. In some cultures mirrors are covered when someone dies lest their soul be captured! There are many reasons why vampires fear mirrors 🙂

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    • I have heard of covering the mirrors when someone dies. There is certainly much superstition and folklore around mirrors — but I thought vampires do not have a reflection? I am still hoping to walk through one someday like Alice 🙂

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      • Vicky V says:

        Not reflecting in them is one of the reasons vampires hate mirrors! Not only does their lack of reflection symbolise the loss of their souls, it’s one of the main ways vampire hunters can tell who is a vampire and who isn’t 🙂

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      • Ahhh yes! That makes sense — so of course they would hate and avoid them. (Although I still say the mirror does not tell the entire truth!)

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  4. Cakeordeath says:

    I love mirrors as you well know, we are not what you are indeed.

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  5. poeturja says:

    Love this! I only have one mirror, a magic one, in my house. For some reason I look ok. Mirrors have been my enemy but sometimes a portal to mystic voyages …

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  6. poeturja says:

    I think you step through every time you write all your fabulous stories!

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