Mother Earth (a rondeau)



She is not ready for your tomb

Of rancid waste, of filth and doom

There is much life in Mother Earth

A wealth of riches, home and hearth.

Gestation beats within her womb


Azalea, daisies stretching bloom

Her blossoms delicate perfume

The lady presses sun and mirth

She is not ready for your tomb.


Her skillful weaving, fruit from loom

Touch wheat fields of her sweeping broom

Where golden ores are forging birth

With gemstones rich, she’ll find her worth

In treasures more than you’d assume

She is not ready for your tomb.


**NOTE:  This poem was inspired by John W. Leys  and his use of experimental poetry forms. The Rondeau was first used in thirteenth-century France, popular among medieval court poets and musicians. Because it is named for the French word ’round’ I could not resist using it as a tribute to Earth.  Read more about the Rondeau here.

Happy Earth Day! 🙂



30 comments on “Mother Earth (a rondeau)

  1. John W. Leys says:

    Beautiful, Christine! A great tribute to Móðir Jorð 🙂 And great use of the repetition in the rondeau!

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  2. A lovely form and tribute to Mother Earth, Christine. I hope she is not ready for our tomb. We seem determined as a species to put her there (or ourselves).

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  3. […] witchlike Mother Earth (a rondeau) […]

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  4. -Eugenia says:

    Beautiful tribute to Mother Earth and the Rondeau form. 🌹 🌻

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  5. johncoyote says:

    Beautiful artwork and amazing use of words. A outstanding poem.

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  6. johncoyote says:

    Reblogged this on johncoyote and commented:
    Please read and enjoy the work of a talented writer.

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  7. Vicky V says:

    This resonated so much with me. Truly inspired!

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  8. Cakeordeath says:

    Lovely poem Christine and great pictures… very pre-Raphaelite

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  9. poeturja says:

    Perfect rondeau to showcase your compassion for Mother Earth!

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  10. OwnShadow says:

    This is a wonderful poem that rolls along with all the rhythm of the Earth.

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