Gift of the Magi



Three wise magicians, who resided in ancient Persia, were so adept at astrological charts that they determined the presence of a brilliant constellation, linked to the birth of baby who would become the most radical and controversial figure to ever hit planet earth.

That baby, a male child called Yeshua bin Joseph, was born in Bethlehem to a Hebrew teenager named Mary and  her betrothed, Joseph of the House of David.

The three magicians rode on caravan across the desert to discover the child for themselves, and determine what may be his effects on humankind.  They stopped for a brief stint with the (very nosy) King Herod.


They then went on to Bethlehem where they greeted the baby with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.  Although they had promised Herod they would return with a full report, they bypassed the palace and returned to Persia, wisely keeping knowledge of the baby to themselves.

The Gift of the Magi is one of my favorite biblical stories. Today, in honor of Christmas Eve, I give you ‘We Three Kings’ by the (fabulous!) Mediaeval Baebes.

Make a wish, count your lucky stars and have a magical Christmas!





18 comments on “Gift of the Magi

  1. poeturja says:

    Always enjoy your stories and being exposed to music I’ve never heard. Have a wonderful transition into the new year, Christine!

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  2. May the Christmas magic extend into 2017, Christine, for you and yours.

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  3. JPfinds says:

    That’s my favorite seasonal song. You’re blog has been a bright spot in 2016 that’s for sure.

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  4. JPfinds says:

    I spelled your like an idiot jeez I just saw that, wow. Sorry my errors distract me, Merry Christmas to you as well.

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  5. Great piece and excellent take on this Christine! You have been putting me onto music and material I never thought I would encounter … like Elvis!

    I hope you had a good holiday and hope you enjoy the remainder of this holiday season! =D

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    • I admit I am a bit of a cornball, lol! I love Elvis and all Christmas music. I know some people get annoyed with it, but I can’t help loving it! Such a great time of year for joy and music. My holidays have been awesome, hope yours are going well too! 🙂

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      • Lol its cool to be a cornball! My girlfriend loves Christmas music soooo much. I kid you not, she starts listening to it in July! We’ll be wearing bathing suits on our way to the beach but she’s over there jamming out to “Jingle Bells” lmao.

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      • Haha, good for her! That is great. I wait until November to begin my Christmas music binge — then there is no stopping me till sometime in January. They are catchy tunes, and some are real masterpieces 🙂

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  6. Interesting post with photos , video I enjoy it !
    About three Kings: I invite also for my post about that celebration in Spain:

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  7. toutparmoi says:

    Thanks for introducing me to this group 🙂

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