The Goat Speaks About Trump



Oh, you humans are being silly again!  Time after time  I try to console you but much to my dismay, you persist in your mode of panic.

Your votes have been counted and numbers don’t lie. The United States of America has elected a new president. His name, I understand, is Donald J. Trump. He has been elected and yet he is much feared.  I hear he has the power to crash stock markets and leap tall buildings in a single bound!  He must be quite a character, this Mr. Trump.  Can you not give him a chance?

You may think such a request is strange, coming from me.  After all, I have been known to be the most liberal, freakish and foreign of goats. I myself am an immigrant, having fallen off a Mexican vegetable truck onto the streets of Chicago.


My owner, Mr. Sianis, was also an immigrant, from Greece. He even broke the plates to prove it!  Of immigrants and freaks and free-thinkers I am well acquainted.  So, I implore you, hear me out.   You should all be breathing a sigh of relief.

How so, you ask? The man Trump is a tyrant, a dictator, a misogynist, and a Nazi!  Well now.  Such paltry allegations have hardly been proven. They are mere opinions.  You must consider this:  For the very first time in the history of your country, you have finally elected a president who has no political nor military experience!  That very fact is most encouraging.  Can you not see?  All others that came before him had much of this so-called ‘political expertise’.  Oh yes. They had military know-how.  They had fund raising savvy.

They had charity involvement, Ivy League degrees, DC cronies, Wall Street cronies, special interest pals, Soros pals, Hollywood pals and apparently, a bazillion gazillion dollars to throw away on hateful advertisements!

And yet somehow, your ‘experienced’ politicians only managed to lead you into MORE wars. How do you explain this?


Your experienced politicians also managed to increase your cultural divides,  pass silly laws such as NAFTA, and dissolve sensible laws such as Glass-Steagall.  They have managed to close your factories, raise your taxes and make higher education quite impossible for your young people.

If you but take a look around and observe what has happened in your world you will see I am correct.


These ‘experienced’ politicians are, I daresay, experienced solely in destroying the life of the average human being.  And though I am merely a goat, I am most fond of you humans.  I will not have you destroyed!

I plead you, give the man Trump a chance.  If, in four years you  find yourself in the same situation, all hope will be lost.  It will then be myself, Murphy the goat, who will be forced to serve in your White House!  And I shall do it.


Until then, keep calm and count your blessings.  Be compassionate.  Forgive.  Above all love each other, for love can overcome a great deal of fear.



34 comments on “The Goat Speaks About Trump

  1. seenu625 says:

    Such a comment about US President Elect ,my views similar to that expressed by you.

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  2. I’m still reeling and mourning, I’ll admit. I see healthcare taking a dive, Planned Parenthood closing, and an end to a women’s reproductive rights, unregulated access to guns, increased fracking and reduced investment in alternative energy, loss of public lands, increased poverty, increased racial profiling, an end to efforts to reduce global warming, increased deficits, and increases in the income gap. And, heaven forbid, a greater chance of widespread war. I know that all sounds so pessimistic, but I’m still in shock.I hope you’re right, and I have no choice but to wait and see.😦

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  3. sailajaP14 says:

    Love and Murphy shall keep us alive! 😀

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  4. Despite being written from the perspective of a goat, this post was still very well written. And I agree with it.

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  5. JPfinds says:

    With Healthcare being absolutely terrible, and still 15 years of continual war since 9/11, even though Obama the liar said that would end, and the debt we’re in as Americans because of those two idiots bush and obama, I dont know, this could be terrible or it could be great with Trump. He’s inexperienced but maybe that’s what we want somebody that doesnt know shit about fucking up nations yet. Unity is key

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    • People do want change. This will be an interesting experiment! I agree about unity 🙂

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      • JPfinds says:

        Definitely interesting. He’s was never my first choice, hell he was never any of my choices, but you play the hand you’re dealt. We made through GWB and Hussein Obama, Trump…pfft cake walk

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      • LOL! That is what I think too. People forget that Congress will keep him on a very short leash, in case he does decide to do something crazy. His own party has already turned against him.

        I voted for Jill Stein and I am terribly disillusioned with our 2 party system. However, the whole process of politics in America is like a big ugly pay to play MONSTER. The monster is now eating itself.

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      • JPfinds says:

        Very true, he was anti-establishment from the jump. Repubs didn’t want him, Dems were enemies, that leaves a predicament. How are you going to get anything done lone wolf? On the flip side I think it’s one of the shining lights of this situation. He has no obligations. He owes no one. Clinton and Bernie both owed super pac favors for large contributions. Clinton spent 400mil Bernie spent 300mil of someone else’s money cough(Saudi Arabia) cough(Qatar)cough. Mr. T no super pacs told the people “don’t donate I got it” and spent 59mil out of pocket. That’s gotta speak for some kind character that we can all look at. The monster got slaughtered but Washington seems to grow two heads when you cut one, devouring every straight politician on either side upon entry.

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      • YESSSS! Thank you. The Dems are in mourning, but they do not seem to remember (or perhaps even be AWARE of) the enormous ‘favors’ owed to the Middle East. (Thus perpetuating the war, weapons trades, etc etc.)

        I think we could at least give Trump a chance. Best case scenario, he is true to his word about loving America.Also, he does not strike me as a man who can be bought… Time will tell 🙂

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  6. […] via The Goat Speaks About Trump — witchlike […]

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  7. I do hope you’re right, but if you’re not…. well, I just hope people don’t start lobbing nukes around.

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  8. E.C. Orr says:

    I’m surprised and I disagree. But we are all entitled to our own opinions. I just don’t see how you can expect anything from someone who feeds us with fear and hate. :/

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    • Thanks for your comments! I value and respect your opinion 🙂

      First of all — I DO understand why people are freaking out. I did not vote for him — I voted for Jill Stein (although I knew it was an impossible hope.) He has done some outrageous things. But I don’t think he is as quite bad as the media has painted him.

      He has a lot of potential. He has been very successful in business, after all. I think he has many good ideas — dismantling NAFTA, re-instituting Glass-Steagell, creating a reasonable path to citizenship. Hopefully ending the arms trade. He does not need money from Saudi Arabia. It will be good to have a president who owes no favors and is therefore at no one’s mercy.

      Bottom line, I think we should try to find common ground with him rather than dividing the country again.

      Thanks so much for reading! Time will tell, hopefully it will be good 🙂

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  9. Belinda O says:

    I have a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach about our President-Elect, but at this point, the votes have been cast and I agree with you about giving him a chance. He appears to be a buffoon — and has appeared that way to me for the decades he’s been in the public eye — but perhaps there is something yet unseen. Also, I love the picture of Murphy in the truck!!!!

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  10. TeacherofYA says:

    Thank you, Christine, for being the voice of reason. Even if it was though a goat! 😉

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  11. I personally think Killary Hiterly Clinton is a criminal.There’s a place in hell just for the Clintons. Vote for a goat. Sure, you know that goats give you milk, wool and cheese. Killary gives you, potentially, a 3rd world war and.. if I may…

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    • I am with you Leila. And I am always curious to know what my friends around the world think of Killary, etc. There will NOT be WW3, we the people do NOT want more wars! We did not want Libya, Syria, nor the mess in the middle east, all created by the current American government which funds ISIS through Saudi Arabia!!! But this is now changing! Peace, and thanks so much for reading 🙂

      P.S. Thanks for the link. I primarily get my info from WikiLeaks. Freedom of press MUST BE preserved, although the current U.S. government is trying to destroy it through the (very recent) Disinformation Bill. We will NOT be silenced. 🙂

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