Give Peace a Chance



Today, September 21, 2016 is the official International Day of Peace. However, if we really want peace (and rest assured, many DO NOT!) then we must be acting in terms of peace in our every day lives. This means:  Breathe peace, think peace, BE peace.

My county, the U.S., has been at war for 13 years. My government spends about a trillion-billion-gazillion dollars on war. (Really, I daresay most economists could not even keep track of it. The numbers are too humongous for any human being to actually fathom.)   So I come to the conclusion that my government must like war. Otherwise why spend all that money promoting it?

This perplexes me. I mean really?  Really??

(PLEASE BE WARNED! Graphic pictures  will follow! It ain’t pretty but it is REAL.)


They choose war. Therefore they choose this.


And this.


Not to mention THIS.


And of course THIS.




(Jeez, good thing I’m not being censored by Zuckerberg, eh?)

War is ugly. Nothing sleek nor stylish about it.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that war has never done any good and never will. Just study history and you will find this is true.

No one in their right mind would choose what I have just shown you. (Unless of course you were a Wall Street crony, far removed from such violence, and war was a guarantee that your stocks in Haliburton would shoot up and make you a gazillionaire.)

There is, however, a difference between being pro-peace and being anti-war. Pro-peace means putting our focus on PEACE. Anti-war means actually putting the focus on war, and therefore (inadvertently)  creating MORE war. (That is why the ‘War on Drugs’ has created more drugs and the ‘War on Terror’ has created more terrorists. Have you noticed?)

Each of us, in our daily lives can choose to be peaceful. We can be more accepting, more patient and kinder. This may mean taking a step back. It may mean learning to accept someone who has a different belief system or lifestyle from your own. It may mean tuning out the snarky media who likes to promote hate and intolerance. It may mean getting more sleep, eating healthier food, learning to breathe, learning to love.

In the end, I trust that  humankind do not really want to blow each other’s faces off.  In the end, I trust that our planet has enough resources to go around with many untapped and more being discovered each day. If a trillion gazillion dollars can be spent on War, then the same amount can be spent on Peace. Gardens are cheaper than bombs. Serenity is cheaper than PTSD.

When John and Yoko did their commercial for peace, they called it ‘Bed Peace’ and spent a week in bed talking to the press about peace. (Note guitar, flowers and, oh yeah, hair 🙂 )


The idea was to get the media to actually focus on Peace (also music, love and nature) rather than War. To this day, I do not think the world has understood this concept — focusing on what we want, rather than what we do not want.  John and Yoko urged us to ‘Give peace a CHANCE.’  Just step back and give it a chance. This is not some airy-fairy, hippie sh*t. Nor is it some pie in the sky dream. This CAN BE OUR REALITY.

I do not think humankind has given peace a chance. I think we are too busy believing the lies and the hype promoted from those that would like to control us.

But we can begin now to change our thinking and shift the paradigm that insists upon war.

Peace further explained:

31 comments on “Give Peace a Chance

  1. Well worded. I truly wish for a peace where all can just live and let live for lack of another term. Hate is something I still don’t fully understand. I get not everyone will always get along. It is human nature, but war isn’t the answer.

    Alas, one can dream that someday, that peace will come. If not for myself or my generation, than perhaps for my sons, or his children should he have some someday.

    I hope people realize peace before war ends everything…

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    • Oh yes, they will. They have to, it is the direction we are now moving in. The transparency of the internet and social media is making people see the truth of war — that it is nothing but an unnecessary fallacy, a human creation. We are on the way to ending much of it 🙂

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  2. Michaela says:

    I agree that we should radiate peace in each of our little lives and that we should focus on peace, not war. War is such an atrocious waste and a tragic brutality. Peace is a higher force which, like you said, just needs a real chance.

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  3. Brian says:

    Hi Christine,
    Sadly the U.S. has been at war for longer than 13 years, if not openly then covertly; and if not blatantly with its own home-grown soldiers then through the funding and supplying of arms to one side of the other; the war in Afghanistan for example was going on for decades before 9/11… but yes, the conclusion is the same: governments like war; it’s big business, not only for the U.S.

    Thanks for sharing your views and the video – I enjoyed that.

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  4. Ah, crazy John they called him but we know who the real crazies are! Those who fall for the romanticisation of war – time we started talking up peace. This is a good start …

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    • Yes!! John once said something like ‘The world is being run by insane people, with insane purposes, trying to achieve insane ends.’ I am sure this culture of war for profit is part of what he meant.


      • Absolutely … I think it became obvious, perhaps for the first time, round about the Vietnam war.

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      • Yes, Vietnam was so ridiculous. All wars are ridiculous, but that one really took the cake, inspiring Bed Peace. Here in the U.S. the FBI and CIA were constantly trying to nail John. J. Edgar Hoover had a file on him. (Dangerous peace-nik!!) If his assassin was actually hired by the FBI it would not surprise me in the least.

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      • Freewheeling minds are always feared, for some reason. Celebrities nowadays hire PR firms and security heavies to cushion their contact with the world. I try not to believe conspiracy theories but you can’t help wondering …

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      • I believe Lennon was feared by the government because they knew he had the ear of millions and he could reveal TRUTHS about war — therefore putting the kabash on their war profiteering. It was not just about the ‘conservative establishment’ vs. the ‘silly hippies’ as they would have us believe. It was about MONEY. (Nixon administration further embarrassing itself with Watergate and proving me correct!!)

        But Lennon planted seeds, just like Steve Jobs planted seeds. Those seeds now grow and bloom in our global communication and our pro peace ideas 🙂

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  5. High stakes, indeed, but the tendrils snake ever upward … ha, how’s that for a mixed metaphor? As somebody said: what’s so wrong with peace, love and understanding.

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  6. noblethemes says:

    Very well-written and insightful, intelligent article and spot-on! And one day there will be peace. . . I expressed my own hopeful belief in this in a poem I wrote for “Poets for Peace,” then re-dedicated for the World Day of Peace. Thank you for this erudite, wonderfully written piece! All the best to you w/blessings!

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  7. TeacherofYA says:

    Really could’ve understood the peace message without the gruesome pics, lol.
    I think I, gonna have nightmares now! Thanks a lot! 😉
    No, but seriously, I’m all about peace. Make love, not war. I’m a person who was meant to be born in the 60s.

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    • Sorry about the pictures. I may have to remove them… but on the other hand, I honestly feel like people do not understand the atrocities of war. If they did they would not be so eager to wage it. But yes, those pictures are harsh.

      Thanks for reading and commenting! Be at peace! 🙂


  8. Great piece! You raise an excellent point about the difference between pro-peace and anti-war. Whenever we don’t like something, we declare war on it. War terminology saturates our language. War is not only profitable, but it is productive in terms of defining ourselves and others. Through war, we draw clearly delineated boundaries and blame all of our problems on a monolithic “them”. This helps cleanse our own demons so we can sleep easier at night.

    We need to find a way to define ourselves in harmony with people in lieu of against people.

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    • Yes, yes! That is exactly it!

      Through my various observations in life, I have noticed that folk basically would like to get along. That is, until the government brings fear into the equation and convinces us we must kill each other in order to survive.

      Harmony is the key. There is not one thing humankind cannot ‘agree to disagree’ upon, be it ideologies, lifestyle, belief system, etc. Wars are fought over resources, but then at the end of the war no one has any more resources except the oligarchy who waged the war in the first place.

      We can choose harmony, accept ourselves as collective humanity (not foot soldiers!) and live in peace 🙂

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  9. Yes … peace and for us all to stop living in fear that the building we are in will explode because someone needs to send a message.

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