Please Don’t Kill Yourself Today


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Sometimes, in the throes of depression we can lose our interest in life. We forget that we are needed, wanted and vital in this world. We forget what we were once passionate  about. We may even forget the many reasons we have to stay alive.

The sun is always there although sometimes obscured by the clouds. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. (Blah blah blah. Those sound like old cliche’s, I know. However, they are true.)  Often, a good way to reconnect is to think in terms of simplicity.

When I find myself sinking to the lowest depths I try remember the simple things that I am passionate about.

Animals.  (Cats do not believe in depression. Have you noticed?)



Nature. (Flowers follow the sun.)



Books. (Always a potential happy ending. And if not, I am reminded that things could be a lot worse.)


September 2016 is suicide prevention awareness month.

Please don’t kill yourself today.







13 comments on “Please Don’t Kill Yourself Today

  1. theword36 says:

    I’m freaked out!!you make 2 posts about suicide .are you okay my friend?? 😳

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  2. E.C. Orr says:

    It’s never been a bad idea to remind someone of the good things. After all, tomorrow could always be kinder.

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  3. LiorTV says:

    Very important subject. The world seems so cruel sometimes, we have to think about ourselves and our loved ones.

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  4. TeacherofYA says:

    I promise I’m not going anywhere! I may feel overwhelmed, but I’m always too curious about tomorrow to leave.
    I had a very close friend/boyfriend that, after coming out, he committed suicide in our nearby desert in AZ. On Sept 12 it was the anniversary of his death, though I try to think of the birthdays instead and celebrate his life. There was help for him, but he just never got enough or a good chance to take it. Drugs killed his dreams, and he almost took me with him. But he left me a letter telling me he wanted me to live. So I want to do right by my Pasha. I love him and think of him every day still after all this time (10 years now…wow).
    So keep up the good fight!!

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    • Oh wow. So sorry to hear of your loss and tragic experience. You must trust that he is in a better place now, and also that his decision was the best he could do at the time…

      We must strive for a society where ALL of humankind can be accepted and loved. So yes, keep fighting the good fight! As Angie Bowie once said “You have to stick around so you can see how it all turns out…”

      Thanks for reading, and for your great comment! 🙂

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