Women in the Desert



Have you seen the 1991 movie Thelma and Louise? If not, you must rent it or stream it. Immediately!

Geena Davis stars as Thelma , a stuck at home housewife and Susan Sarandon  plays Louise, a  cynical waitress.  The two are both funny, smart, a little bored and maybe secretly longing for adventure when they set out on a weekend get-away.  Here is what they look like in the beginning.

tl pd 1

Yeah, too much lipstick and bad eye shadow. That’s all gonna change. Their  plan is to drive to a friend’s cabin in the mountains to do some fishing and communing with nature. But actually, they want to get away from bosses, husbands, boyfriends and other  oppressive types who happen to be causing problems in their lives.

On the way they stop at a country/ western bar where Thelma, after dancing and being a bit too friendly with Harlan (a would be date rapist) is assaulted by him in the parking lot.  Louise comes to Thelma’s rescue and  accidentally kills the guy.


 “In the future? When a woman’s cryin’ like that? She ain’t havin’ any fun!” 


Then these two normal, everyday women unwittingly become dangerous criminals  on the run from the law.   Before the movie is over they will be guilty of  murder, armed robbery, property destruction and holding an officer at gunpoint. Also  adultery, driving  WAYYY over the speed limit and stealing whiskey, sunglasses and hats.  The snowball effect follows them as one catastrophe leads to another, none of it being their fault. In the meantime they make some poignant self discoveries.

Maybe it would have been different if that truck driver would have just apologized…


Not only is this movie a feminist masterpiece,  it is also a  great tribute to the American West, full of breathtaking cinematography.  Thelma and Louise, in their non-stop driving spree, travel through long stretches desert highway, red rock caverns, cattle round-ups, endless sky and even the Grand Canyon itself.



Plus, we get to watch  a young Brad Pitt (before he was even famous.)


I love this film because it is a realistic, funny and sometimes disturbing look at 20th century feminism.  And it’s not just about women shooting guns.  (If it were, I’d surely hate it.)  There is actually very little violence, although it was touted as such, and with great controversy when it first came out. This story is really more of  a psychological study of life under the pink collar. Can two feisty, flirty women travel across the country, drink and dance in bars without fear of being raped?  (Yes! Nowadays they can.)   Luckily things have changed a lot since 1991. Maybe even in part because of this film and others like it. Written by Callie Khouri,  directed by Ridley Scott.  Highly recommended for bad-ass women and rebels everywhere 🙂

Here is my favorite scene:


This post was inspired by the Daily Prompt Desert

22 comments on “Women in the Desert

  1. hmmm sounds fun! streaming time!!


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  2. I love this movie… It has the wild freedom of my adolescence!! 😊 Thank you for the great review, makes me want to watch it again!

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  3. This really is a great film. ^_^ It also never gets old.

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  4. I loved that movie. I saw it with one girlfriend and then dragged another girlfriend to see it. A classic in my book.

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  5. dornahainds says:

    I remember watching this chick-flick in 1994 at the theatres. Loved it and to this day, Love it, still. 😉

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  6. theword36 says:

    In my dreams I’m the third girl in this movie! I have always loved it too. I agree it’s a feminist masterpiece. I hate their husbands! I think so so much has changed since this time period in terms of being a feminist. Of course it depends where you go I suppose…

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  7. TeacherofYA says:

    I love this movie. I saw it when it was released, way back when. I thought Brad Pitt was so cute, and I never expected to see him again in movies. (I was a kid: I’m not THAT old…) But I’m glad more people are seeing some amazing movies. Check out A League of Their Own if you want another feminine masterpiece. With laughs. And Geena Davis. And surprisingly, a young Madonna. 👍

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