Black Cats

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Black cats are often feared, mistrusted, and misunderstood. It is a shame that they are not recognized for the unique and loving creatures they are!  But it’s not all bad.  Did you know that  historically black cats have been celebrated and revered in many cultures?  In certain parts of the world these ebony beauties were thought to be full of luck, love and supernatural magick.  Consider the following:

Black cats were thought to bring good luck in many parts of Great Britain.  In Yorkshire, for example,  it was believed that a black cat kept in a fisherman’s home would ensure his ship’s safe return from sea.  Also,  it was believed that a black cat aboard ship would bring a bounty of fish.  If the cat was banished from the ship, the supply of fish would run out as well.  In Cornwall,  it was believed that passing a black cat’s tail over one’s eyes would cure soreness and headaches.  In Wales, it was believed that  a black cat could ensure good health.  (Modern day scientists have proven that  keeping a cat can actually lower one’s blood pressure. This is, presumably, because a cat has a calming effect, so there is definitely truth to the theory.)

Scottish folklore states that a black cat found on your porch will bring financial prosperity.  It was also believed that a bride seeing a black cat on her wedding day would ensure a happy marriage.  In many Asian countries, particularly Japan, a black cat was considered an all around good luck charm.  In Ancient Egypt, the black cat was revered and represented by the goddess Bast.  Many pharaohs and queens owned black cats.

In modern times, engineer and professor of animal science Temple Grandin has spoken praises of black cats.  Grandin claims that there is a relationship between fur color and animals’ behavior.  Black cats, she says, are known to be more sociable and therefore make great pets.

black cat 3

Aside from all this, black cats are beautiful!  Who could not love their playfulness, their loyalty and their mystery?  Yet due to their bad reputation and association with evil, black cats are reportedly the most overlooked animals in shelters.  If you are adopting a pet, please consider a black cat.  Guaranteed to bring health, prosperity, love and luck 🙂

a Jasper 1


“I am a swath of black velvet, a dark beauty, a companion, playmate, and a keeper of the castle. Do not overlook me.”






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    Black cats are beautiful and so are kittens. No evil in them. Black cats are mystical and magical. I love them. Enjoy them for what they are cats and kittens. Theincensewonan

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